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Amsterdam, Netherlands


∆  Sound Healing
∆  Mindfulness
∆  Meditation


Sound healing & mindfulness


Designed to alleviate the demands of modern life, Shift combines sound healing and mindfulness meditation to help you unplug and reconnect. Happening in unexpected spaces around Amsterdam, Shift's sound baths can reduce stress, help you tap into your inner creativity or allow you to be guided away from your daily distractions for an extraordinary auditory experience. Shift also offers group and private sessions, as well as, workplace wellness workshops.


Shift believes in the power of sound to heal and transform. Our integrative sound healing approach blends traditional techniques with intuition to creative unique experiences. We're building a community for people to discover and explore their inner world together in inspiring and open minded environments. Alongside sound healing, Shift also integrates mindfulness (MBSR) practices and guided meditation. 

One of Shift's other goals is to bring sound healing to a wider audience. By creating art installations, making music, public speaking and collaborating with scientists to do research, Shift strives to help innovate and develop this emerging science and ancient healing art. 


Shift will be offering sound baths at music festivals this summer and opening a studio in Amsterdam. Details soon!

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