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Maha Rose Center for Healing

Maha Rose Center for Healing

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Brooklyn, New York


∆  Healing arts
∆  Workshops & events
∆  Crystal and healing tools gift shop


Maha Rose is Brooklyn's center for healing, inspiration, creativity, and transformation.


∆  Private sessions in reiki, massage, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, breath-work, sound healing, herbal consultations, cranio-sacral therapy, astrology & tarot.
∆  Workshops and trainings in reiki, breath-work, tarot, astrology, hypnotherapy, full and new moon ceremonies, sexuality, women's circles, yoga, laughter yoga, meditation, sound healing and sound baths to name just a few..
∆  We also have a retreat center, Maha Rose North at the foothills of the Catskills for more in-depth trainings and retreats.


Maha Rose was officially founded in 2013 by Lisa Levine in Brooklyn, New York. A vision to create a sacred space in the heart of NYC for meditation, contemplation, and spiritual expansion had begun years earlier.. What started as a small gathering of friends has grown to a full-time healing center with daily classes and workshops, a retreat center in the Catskills, NY and Mazunte, Mexico, corporate wellness and on-location programming in multiple cities, and a brand with global reach. 
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We all deserve healing. We believe in you, in your dreams, in your potential, in your beauty. We're here for you. We aim to heal all who are ready and come to us and to empower and train the next generations of healers.


Maha Rose North! Retreats are on upstate. The fullness and harvest of summer and the barely audible hints of fall are in the air up here at Maha Rose North. We are very excited about the fall lineup of retreats.
Maha Rose on location! We've been leading retreats and workshops for companies wishing to give wellness tools and inspirational experiences to their clients and employees. Parties are also enhanced by intentional ceremonies, workshops and sessions.

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