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Experiment On Purpose With Patricia Echeverria


Tell us about your journey to becoming a holistic practitioner?

I was born in Spain within a relatively conservative environment with a totally crazy mom who was passionate about all things new age. We moved to Los Angeles when I was a little girl, kind of like war refugees, except we were spiritual refugees… seeking asylum in LA, because the whole family thought we were in a cult… ! This was an intense and very definitive moment in my life.

I was exposed to spirituality, crystals, veganism, tarot, reiki, and all things esoteric since I was little…

However, I did not make the conscious choice to fully delve into this world until later on. I started studying with my spiritual teacher at 16. At this time, I had an intense spiritual life which was separate from my ‘real’ // physical life. In college, I would listen to meditations all night long, when I had to stay up to finish my architecture projects. My spiritual practice definitely helped me to survive the rough winters of Upstate New York…

My two worlds existed separately, until I received my Masters in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica, where I discovered that my life is precisely about integrating the spiritual with the physical. From there, I realized that it was possible to integrate these worlds, and I found a whole new way of living, and working: I started coaching and facilitating, integrating these two realities: bringing the spiritual into the [illusory] world of the real. It felt like the most natural, and most true thing I had ever done up until that time.

My practice continues to evolve to this day.

What is your favourite treatment that you like to spoil yourself with?

I love going to the Korean spa, getting a massage…. Anything having to do with the body: massage, movement, dance, yoga.

Lately: Dance Alive and Contact Improv.

What do you do on a daily basis that you find keeps your life on track in a holistic way?

My self care routine seems to change daily. But generally:

Meditation, some form of physical exercise, inspirational reading, breath work, and if possible… dance, and just be silly, play music, and let loose… All these things keep me sane. People too. I love seeing friends, and talking to strangers. Feeling the love of the universe through random interactions.

Where is your favourite place to nourish yourself?

The ocean

What practice or treatment can’t you live without?

I can live without all these things.. but my life is way better when I make space for my spiritual practice, when I reconnect with my heart, when I experience compassion toward myself, love in the world, and remember what truly matters…. when I make space to play, express, and feel like a kid again.

How and why did you start developing your practices?

I started studying with my spiritual teacher at 16. I was connected with a reality based in love, much more unconditional and compassionate than the one I had ever found in the world, and I felt like I had finally arrived home… I began to meditate daily, because it was so nourishing.

I then began to do deep work to undo the illusions: the limitations, the misbeliefs, the heaviness, and the cultural conditionings, that come from being human. I simply felt that I needed to let go of the heaviness, and I did a lot of work to really heal.

I began to study different modalities in the world of personal transformation, positive psychology, holistic practices…

Who was your great mentor/teacher?

John Roger.

Tell us your practice style and how did you choose your teaching methods?

My practice evolves daily… It is a culmination of all my spiritual and earthly experiences to date, and it will continue to evolve until I leave this planet. The beauty of doing this work… is that it transforms me as much as it transforms my clients. It is always evolving.

My professional practice is informed by my spiritual studies, which I consider to be universal teachings, integrated with Eastern philosophy, positive psychology, and a spoonful of design thinking.

Lately, I have been integrating breath work, movement, and creative expression into my work.

I choose the teaching methods and practices that work for me.

That’s why the practice evolves daily.. because I am continuously finding, testing and applying different methodologies that help me and my clients stay centered, to stay loving, strong, radiant, powerful, creative, and true.


What obstacles has developing your courses helped you overcome in your own life?

Doing this work allows me to work through my obstacles daily. It is beautiful..

It has allowed me to heal profoundly, the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

More than anything I have ever done before.. this work requires eternal vigilance, because your clients are only going to go as far as you are willing to reach. And stepping into this work has brought up a whole range of issues that I have had to work through.

Who do you admire in the holistic world?

I admire all the people that are doing this work from a place of integrity and purely from their heart, the ones that gracefully integrate the physical context with the spiritual reality, the ones who have the courage to keep full integrity, to show up powerfully, in a world that is in a hurry to water down the truth, in hurry to market all things that become trendy, including spirituality.

I love Robert Holden. He is a British [trained] psychologist who has been studying A course in Miracles for the past many years. He has written beautiful books like: Loveability or Authentic Success. He has taken his work to the corporate world as well. I have worked with him a few times and I admire him because he works from a place of true love. + he navigates between the physical and spiritual worlds so gracefully.

I also really admire Ron and Mary Hulnick who created the University of Santa Monica. They created a pioneering program that is so profound. They have maintain such integrity in the way that they have brought spiritual principles into the realm of higher education. To me, it’s brilliant.

Which ancient modality systems attract you most?

Spirituality, at the core of it, is all the same. whether it looks like Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, or Christianity..

Finding the oneness in the apparent diversity of beliefs, traditions, and histories, to me, is beautiful.

How do you remain authentic within a commercial world?

I show up in my life to create from a place of inspiration, love and truth, and not simply to respond to the crises and urgencies of the world around me.

Tell us about your company and where we can find you?

I created Experiment on Purpose, a personal transformation lab through which we bring innovative transformational experiences and tools to the public, through one on one coaching, group workshops, and public events. You can find us at: Instagram: experiment_on_purpose . We help individuals get unstuck: we help them design a life that they love, one that is aligned with their values. We help creatives to really unleash their potential, to create and live the most beautiful life, one that is aligned with their truth, and their purpose.


Tell us about your studies. How did you build on previous educational experiences?

I studied architecture at Cornell, and the experience informed the way that I have approached personal transformation. I apply the design process to everything that I do. In many ways, I like to think that my work is about: designing lives. I am designing transformation, and the process is similar to any creative process.

I studied spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica, where I gathered practical tools to help people heal: to overcome limiting beliefs, emotional or mental blocks.

I have been studying with the movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness for more than 10 years, and this has given me a solid spiritual foundation, which inspires the work that I do, and I have been very involved with Insight Seminars, a powerful transformation organization, for more than ten years.

I continue to learn new modalities to this day… Lately, I have been studying breath work, Kundalini, and Somatic therapy. All these modalities are different, and in many ways, they are all the same..

What do you find is the easiest way for you to connect to your holistically minded community?

In person. We have so many digital tools, yet person-to-person contact is more valuable and powerful than ever before.

What are some of your personal and/or professional goals for the future?

My goal is to bring personal transformation to the mainstream, to the workplace, where people need it the most. My vision is to transform the world of work, into a place where individuals show up as their true selves, feeling totally alive, energized, and maximizing their potential. To give each individual the tools that they need to feel alive, to feel healthy, radiant, and energized. My vision is to create a world where being true = profitable, and not the other way around. This vision requires a holistic approach that tackles all aspect of being: mind body + soul.

What do you think will be considered the hottest holistic specialties developing over the next decade?

I think we are generally moving toward a place of extremes… extreme technologies, and extreme anti-technologies.

There is the whole movement now around disconnecting from technology // digital detox, and all…

As technologies take more space in our lives, it will become even more important to equip ourselves with the tools we need to stay centered, to stay focused, to stay true… I believe that meditation, yoga, breath work, all kinds of mind-body-soul connecting holistic modalities will be more necessary than ever before, to keep us sane, within this increasingly complex and fast-moving world. We need to learn how to command our technology, and not the other way around.