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Daily Holistic Rituals with Yogi Jenny


Tell us about your journey to becoming a Yoga Teacher?

I began teaching Yoga three years ago after completing my training at Stanton Street Yoga in NYC. My first taste of teaching during training opened a reservoir of compassion and care that was incredibly new to me. Being a witness to your own and other's spiritual journey is the greatest gift we can give one another. I gained classes, and built a student base simply by sharing my practice and supporting fellow teachers. These days I am very much a student as I navigate a new city and yogic community in LA. Teaching provides a strong sense of discipline for me as I must bring my highest and clearest self to class and I miss it when it is not there!

How and why did you start developing this practice?

I studied dance throughout my childhood and was introduced to Yoga as a restorative practice in high school by my Ballet Instructors. I caught the bug and continued my personal practice thru college. Yoga and Dance were always there for me, a physical and creative outlet that was deeply personal. 

It was not until I entered the working world that I embraced the community surrounding Yoga and realized that I could be of service by sharing my passion for the practice. 

Who was your great mentor/teacher?

My greatest mentor has always been my Father. My earliest memories of Yoga are following along with him in our home, always bursting into a fit of giggles. He still references a worn book of Asana that he picked up many years ago, gives me a call when he finds a new posture, and always reminds me to take it easy and return to my breathe. My Father continues to guide my spiritual practice with his simple, zen-like approach to life and all that I am is a reflection of his love. 

Tell us your practice style and how did you choose your teaching methods?

My style centers around classic Vinyasa, always with a strong hint of meditation and always a gooey restorative moment. I choose my teaching methods by tuning myself with what's occurring in our environment. What's the moon up to? Where are we amongst the seasons? These questions help me form a class that will satisfy the collective and sync us  together and with the earth.

What obstacles has developing your practice helped you overcome in your own life?

In a grander way, my yoga practice ties me to truest intuition. When I began deepening my practice, that little voice inside my head grew louder, my dreams became more realistic, my purpose a bit clearer.

What practice or treatment can’t you live without?

I am all about the at home Self Care route! Essential oils in a hot bath, dry brushing a few times a week, oil pulling in the morning. And giving yourself good foot massage before bed goes a long way!

 Which ancient modality systems attract you most?

I am really attracted to Ayurvedic Medicine and am repeatedly amazed at it's simplicity and effectiveness. Meditation is a big one for me too and I love learning about different styles and integrating them into my classes. 

How do you remain authentic within a commercial world?

This questions is currently rattling around me quite a bit as I navigate a new city and work to build a new community. When I find myself adjusting to fit a mould, I go back to the true definition of a Guru - I see something in you that I want to embody as well, but I don't imitate you, I instead go backwards and study what you studied. When I do this, and go back to being a student, I find my own unique style that is a true representation of me and what I want to express.

Tell us about your projects and where we can find you?

Stay Tuned! I will be listed with the Natives as a private yoga instructor, and you can find my class schedule in the future on instagram @jennycantsitstill 

What do you do on a daily basis that you find keeps your life on track in a holistic way?

Slow mornings really set my day up for success and allow me to clear my mind a little bit before hitting the pavement. I try to include some tea, stretching, and reading. If I don't have that luxury, I always try to have at least one homemade meal at home a day at the table with no electronic distractions. 

Where is your favourite place to nourish yourself?

When I am able to travel to the East Coast, my Mother's kitchen provide an abundance of love, giggles, and of course homemade food! For a quick escape from Los Angeles, Joshua Tree is such a magical place and I have only scratched the surface of exploring the desert. 

Tell us about your studies. How did you build on previous educational experiences?

My education and work background is completely opposite of my yoga practice and is a welcomed escape from that part of my brain. So, I will forever be a student of the Holistic world and that excites me immensely! 

unnamedWhat do you find is the easiest way for you to connect to your holistically minded community?

Social Media is great gift for research and inspiration and allows us to simply connect to those that inspire us. Send me a message, ask questions! I am repeatedly amazed at how open and willing our community is to support one another.

What are some of your personal and/or professional goals for the future?

I am currently working to build my own class schedule and bring some classic flow to LA. I hope to complete my 500 hour training in the next year and leading my own retreat is a big dream of mine. 

Describe a typical day (or week) of work for you.

As I begin my new escape out of the traditional 9-5, I am learning that no day is typical and I love it! But, I try to wake up with my body which is usually around 7AM.

I start with oil pulling and lots of tea, which usually leads to stretching, which leads to jotting some ideas for class down. Emails and a journey down the rabbit hole of research with a nourishing breakfast follow. I usually have some part time work taking up my afternoon, and I like to follow that up with a sweat date with a buddy. I love trying new group classes and will mix it up with kickboxing, a fun dance class, or maybe barre and those are always more fun with a friend. Evenings sometimes include trying a new restaurant, but I am also a huge fan of cozy night in and always tidy up and prep food for the next day. I firmly believe in ending your day on a calm, organized note to lead into a nourishing night of sleep.