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Follow The Sun With Culinary Nutrionist Nicolas Torrent


Tell us about your journey to becoming a natural chef and culinary nutritionist?

I have been very passionate about natural health for most of my life. I became very interested in the topic when my father was diagnosed with lung cancer, something about the whole experience and the conventional treatment did not make sense to me. I started researching alternative and natural methods of moving stagnations from the body, and this became my ultimate passion. SOL Nutrition was born from an immense love and appreciation of nature and simplicity. My mission is to inspire those who want to reach their highest potential by simply re-calibrating with the organic clock of nature, circadian rhythms by following the sun.

Tell us about your company and where we can find you?

My company is a small boutique style consulting firm based in Venice Beach, California. I work with private clients, celebrity clients and pro athletes creating programs to help them achieve long term sustainable results. I also teach a culinary nutrition course called Sol Culinary, it is a 5 day workshop for a wide variety of attendees from professional chefs to anyone looking to take control of there own health and lifestyle program. We also offer professional training, consulting, and workshops in other locations.

What is your favourite treatment that you like to spoil yourself with?

Deep meditative massage

What do you do on a daily basis that you find keeps your life on track in a holistic way?

Sun gazing

Where is your favourite place to nourish yourself?

I love to be home, working on my garden.

What practices can’t you live without?

Cooking, surfing and travelling.


Nicolas Torrent

Who was your great mentor/teacher?

Dr Robert Morse ND was my mentor while I studied at his International School of Detoxification, and has been my greatest teacher.

Talk us through your teaching methods?

I teach in a very relaxed laid back setting, deliver the information in a very easy to understand fashion. I consider the everyday realistic examples of how this can be applied to our lives, not just tell my clients or students what to do. My approach is to teach my clients how to follow food combining, eating in time with the sun, manage proper pH of the body, lymphatic system maintenance, blood sugar myths, natural hygiene, glycemic index and load, germ vs terrain theory and circadian rhythms.

Who do you admire in the holistic world?

Practitioners who teach relaxed and realistic approaches, not obsessive and ultra restrictive regimes that are designed to fail.

Which ancient modality systems attract you most?

Natural hygiene

Tell us about your studies. How did you build on previous educational experiences?

I have researched and studied natural heath modalities for many years. I first started my holistic education journey at the Hippocrates Health Institute back in 2006, followed by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a certified Health Coach in 2009. I then continued my Natural Chef journey at The Gourmet Institute and then the Matthew Kenney premier raw food culinary academy, for natural cuisine. International School of Detoxification, mentored by Dr. Robert Morse N.D., internationally recognized as the top and most experienced Naturopath of our times.

What do you find is the easiest way for you to connect to your holistically minded community?

Speak with compassion and be patient, as there is a lot of confusion in the health world.

How do you react to new age spirituality?

Spirituality is very simple, we dress it up and make it very glamorous, but it is really just the art of being calm and loving with ourselves.

What led you to seek healthcare opportunities outside of traditional western medicine?

The western world is germ based thinking, where there is a victim and they are only looking at the treatment of the symptoms. Naturopathy is not treating but preventing and maintaining a healthy terrain.

What are some of your personal and/or professional goals for the future?

I would love to develop and offer several different types of courses - Nutrition, Culinary, Detox, and a more Fitness based course.

Describe a typical day (or week) of work for you.

I am always up early with the sun, or before the sun. If I am meeting clients, I am out at farmers markets or grocery stores buying ingredients. I meet with clients and or chef in training and create a plan for that day, or sometimes week. I guide chefs through the programs.

What do you think will be considered the hottest holistic specialties developing over the next decade?

Following the sun. Circadian based nutrition.

Anything else you would like to add?

Our relationship with nature and the natural rhythms of the sun (the circadian clock) should be the most important priority in our lives.

Nicolas offers groups, private and professional training, consulting, and workshops in Venice Beach CA -  Please contact Nicolas if you would like to attend the next Sol Culinary workshop - October 24-29, in Venice Beach.