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Mel Nahas, The Power House Behind The Conscious City Guide


Tell us about how The Conscious City Guide and The Bharani Effect Came About?

In my own search for more accessible information in the conscious space, I realised that there were people in my very own surroundings doing incredible things with conscious thinking at their core. So I started The Bharani Effect to showcase what all these incredible people were doing and sharing their vision so others could see how simple it could be to live consciously. The conscious city guide was a weekly mailing list that was part of The Bharani Effect for 2 years. The response we had outgrew where it lived in The Bharani Effect so I gave the Conscious City Guide it's own wings to fly early this year. I was so interested in going to events and workshops that educated and expanded my knowledge on how to live more in harmony with earth's way, but there wasn't one go to spot where I could find all the great events happening that week. So now you can subscribe to the Conscious City Guide and get a weekly curate guide of conscious events happening in New York, Los Angeles, London, Sydney & Melbourne. They might be organic gardening workshops, composting classes, full moon ceremonies, breath workshops - anything that may spark the theory of deep interconnection with all things for you, this leads to living more consciously.

What do you do on a daily basis that you find keeps your life on track in a holistic way?

I love eating. So what i'm putting in my body and knowing where it comes from is the most basic, daily practice for me. If I know what I'm eating is not only good for me, but was made or grown in a way that supported my community and was beneficial for the earth that humbly reminds me that I am part of a bigger picture. But also, bigger than eating I remind myself that i'm human and here to experience all things in life on this earth, so keeping one foot rooted in the earth and one hand up there in the universe keeps me on the level.

Where is your favourite place in LA to nourish yourself?

Gjusta in Venice for their fermented grain bowl and seasonal market salads. Cafe Gratitude for their I AM WHOLE bowl and I AM IMMORTAL tonic. Sunlife in Malibu for the most incredible smoothies in the world. And I am forever craving the green falafel, hummus and organic green herb salad from Dune in Atwater Village. Also my friend's Rich Roll & Julie Piatt from the Plantpower Way's house in - every cell of my body feels elevated whenever I leave their place.

What practice or treatment can’t you live without?

Walking my dog - every morning. It's simple, but gets the day started right for me. Its my time where I try to do a really simple Jungian inspired dream analysis for myself. The goal is to try take apart the puzzle by the time I reach my gate again - the feeling is incredible when you've uncovered insight from a dream about your deeper psychology and what's going on in your life. A lot of the time I get home and I don't figure it out, but thats ok too. I would say you could probably tell if I haven't done yoga at least once in a week too.

Who do you admire in the holistic world?

There are so many. That's the very reason why I started The Bharani Effect - I would say everyone I profile on The Bharani Effect and all the future members too !!!

Tell us about your own holistic health journey, do you feel that it is imperative to live and breathe the lifestyle that you are promoting?

Recently I left the music industry where I had been working for the last 12 years. I never thought i'd ever leave the music industry, I lived and breathed it yes. When I started The Bharani Effect it was 100% a hobby. I never thought i'd go to work in the conscious space... but I guess my higher self knew what I was doing because before I knew it, it had amassed a beautiful network of incredible people doing amazing things. These amazing people started asking me to do little projects for them. I was then backstage at a music festival working and I looked around and thought 'what am I still doing here?' - the cycle there felt complete. So I took that scary leap of completely changing my career which now I feel is more in alignment with myself. I can't say that it's imperative for everyone to live and breathe the lifestyle they are promoting, I think its imperative to be your true self and be kind to yourself. Knowing that life changes and so can you.

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