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Bibiana Alexandra Rueda-Bueno

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Shanghai, China

Services Provided

∆  Bioneuroemotion® energy cleansing
∆  Psychogeanology
∆  Psychological treatment


I am Psychologist by profession, I offer to my clients a complete existential transformative experience where they can find inner tools to be fully happy in the present moment. 
I am a holistic psychologist because besides combining clinical psychology, I perform psycho genealogy (family tree) and alternative techniques such as chakras harmonizations, bioneuroemotion ® energy healing and cleansing to treat my patients.
For more than 4 years in Colombia and 6 years in Shanghai, I have dedicated myself to support those who want to change their lives, allowing a complete transformation. Since the beginning of my career as a clinical psychologist, I have expanded my expertise, and now I offer guidance in a wide-range of areas for a more comprehensive holistic experience that goes beyond a common therapy.


With the aforementioned, my purpose is to give others tools to be more conscious, to get rid of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that limit themselves to be a truly happy being in the present moment.


∆  Psychologist

Years In Practice

10 years


∆  Part of Body & soul medical clinics, Shanghai (

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