Nykki Hardin

Nykki Hardin

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Santa Monica, California


∆  7 & 21 Day Cleanse Programs with herbal supplements & plant based nutrition,
∆  Nutrition & Lifestyle Education
∆  One-on-One Coaching to realize personal, professional and health goals.


Nykki Hardin is a natural health and detox expert and the formulator of '21 – The Total Lifestyle Cleanse and Nutrition Program'. She holds a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from University of Santa Monica and is passionate about helping people transform their body and mind to create empowering health for peak performance so they can self-actualize and achieve their limitless potential.


I take scientific principles and apply natural solutions to optimize the body, mind and Spirit. When we heal at the cellular level and align our belief system with the essence of love, our health, well being, and limitless potential skyrocket. We live in perfect health and are able to manifest our heartfelt desires with grace and ease.


∆  Masters in Spiritual Psychology
∆  Managed detox programs at cleansing and fasting resorts in Asia
∆  Studied Ayurveda in India
∆  Managed metabolic testing lab in Los Angeles
∆  Formulator of 21, the Total Lifestyle Cleanse & Nutrition Program.

Years In Practice

I have been studying nutrition and natural healing for 25 years and have traveled the world seeking natural solutions to modern day challenges.


We are currently testing our 7 day cleanse pilot program in the market and offering nutrition & lifestyle educational events across the country.

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