Holistic Health, Healer, Guide, Facilitator, Practitioner

Joni Madere



Los Angeles, California / Jackson, Whyoming


∆  Holistic Health Coach
∆  Yoga Teacher
∆  Optimal Performance Trainer


Wellness advocate turned professional. Inspired by the great outdoors and ultimately by freedom. Life long athlete and adventurer. Yoga teacher, holistic health coach and wellness entrepreneur. Creator, adapter, seeker. Experience obsessed. Family, friends, yoga, snowboarding, trail running, surfing, meditation, art, music, travel. Living outside of the box with a beginner's mind in tact. Inspired by my many communities. Inspiring others to create a lifestyle worth living.


Couple decades of self-study toward healing physically/mentally/emotionally, then increasing performance in areas such as problem solving and creativity, allowed me to transfer my personal experiences to not only heal others, but support well people in becoming even better. Layering both asana and the psychological work within yoga onto holistic health coaching while weaving in the added bonus of performance training allows me to really meet individuals, families and teams right where they are and take them to where they want to be.


∆  YogaWorks 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification / Santa Monica, CA
∆  Institute for Integrative Nutrition / Holistic Health Coach Certification / NY, NY
∆  Flow Genome Project / Fundamentals + Advanced Courses and Trainings
∆  Yoga. Psyche. Soul. / 300-hour Advanced Yoga Psychology Teacher Training, Venice CA

Years In Practice

4 years


Back and forth from the mountains to the sea collaborating on both my individual work and Aprés Coaching Sessions (http://www.aprescoaching.com/) to promote others working in same vein. Currently massaging Aprés Sessions to meet myself and co-collaborators (including many not visible on the site) where we all are... a work in progress!

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